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Learn more about how Inspired works, our campaign structure, and our expert telemarketing team's extensive industry experience!

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Expertly Crafted Telemarketing Campaigns, With a Focus on Quality, Not Just Quantity.


Inspired isn’t your typical telemarketing company – while others use pay-per-lead models to hike up campaign prices, have nasty surprise costs, and take very little notice of lead quality, our processes and pricing model has been designed to generate high-quality, actionable business leads, build sustainable sales pipelines, and considerable ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients.


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Average ROI

All of our campaigns are completely scalable, which means if you want to ramp up or pull back the calling activities, you can do so at any point of the campaign.


What’s more, is that we provide you with 24/7/365 access to our purpose-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system so that you can monitor the progress of your campaign and view call notes and outcomes in real-time.

Our Team's Experience & Commission Structure


Our team have a fantastic range of experience across various industries and sectors and know how to drill down into prospect’s objectives to get the key information that your (or your client’s) sales team need to succeed.


Unlike most companies, our agent’s commission structure is designed to benefit you. Diallers assigned to your campaign will only receive commission upon campaign renewal rather than per lead or appointment. This means their focus is entirely on making your campaign a success!

Dedicated Telemarketing Agents

For every campaign we run, we train 3 members of staff - your lead agent, a backup agent, and another agent just in case you feel the other two aren't the right fit! We act as a true extension of your business, rather than a separate entity - the diallers on your campaign are exclusive to you, they are your members of staff, we just pay their wages!

Our Awards & Accreditations

CorporateLiveWire Global Award given to Inspired B2B Marketing for Telemarketing Company of the Year
SME UK Enterprise Award given to Inspired B2B Marketing for Best Family-Run Telemarketing Company
Information Commissioner's Office Accreditation
Veeam sales professional accreditation
The Chartered Institute of Marketing Accreditation
Citrix certified sales professional accreditation
Microsoft Certified Professional Accreditation
Juniper Networks certification program accreditation
Vmware technical sales professional accreditation
Disability Confident Committed accreditation

How We Work...

Generating quality leads doesn't have to be a struggle that you lose sleep over!


To find out how we help our clients take back control of the lead generation conundrum, watch the short video below that explains how we work as an extension of your business to generate fully-qualified leads, appointments, and sustainable sales pipelines.

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Client Projects

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Take a look at some of the previous telemarketing and telesales campaigns that we have run for clients spanning dozens of international sectors and markets!

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