BANT Qualified Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting campaigns are designed to maximise your sales team's time out in the field by taking the prospecting work off their hands and supplying them with fully-qualified appointments.

Buisnessman on the phone with a prospective customer booking a sales appointment.

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Fill Your Diaries With Fully Qualified Appointments

Our team of appointment setting experts have come from various industries all over, and have expansive, in-depth experience in a range of sectors allowing them to drill down into prospect objectives and generate fully qualified sales appointments with relevant decision-makers in some of the most complex and competitive international markets.

Rather than having your sales teams wasting all of their time on the phone trying and failing to get meetings, why not fill their diaries with qualified appointments for them to attend and close? What's more productive than closing business?

Not sure about using outsourced telemarketing for generating appointments? Well let these statistics below speak for themselves...


of surveyed executives are ready to agree to an appointment or attend an event from just one cold call or email alone!


of salespeople say their phone is their phone is their most effective sales tool!


of buyers say they have accepted appointments with salespeople after initial contact via cold calls!

Our Campaign Approach

Flexible telemarketing campaign targeting various sectors.


Want to target various sectors or change targets mid-campaign? No problem, our campaigns are completely flexible - you can also ramp up or decrease the activity to suit your needs.

A group of business people having a meeting.


With our appointment setting service, you can choose between targeting face-to-face appointments, phone call/VoIP meetings, or online demonstrations. Our agents are experts in setting various types of meetings/appointments.

Woman on a computer looking at lead generation campaign results in a CRM.

Full Campaign

We give you complete, 24/7 access to your campaign via our CRM system. Take a look at call outcomes, call notes, and follow-up actions to see how your campaign is performing.

Team of three telemarketing agents working on a lead generation campaign

Multiple Trained

On every campaign we run, we train at least 3 agents. One will be your main dialler, the second is a backup to cover sickness/holiday leave, and the third is in case you feel the other two aren't the right fit!



Our goal when partnering with you is to create a seamless integration between our team and your sales teams - acting as an extension of your business, rather than an external team.

Smart pricing structure for telemarketing lead generation campaigns.

Smart Pricing

Our daily rate covers absolutely everything including dialling time, software costs, data acquisition and more. Everything is included in one price so there are no nasty surprises!

BANT Appointment Qualification Process





On every appointment setting campaign that we run, as well as checking appointments against your qualification criteria, we check every single appointment against the BANT (Budget Authority, Need, Timeframe) qualification model.


Using this process, we ensure that every prospect we set an appointment with has the budget for your offering, is the correct decision-maker and therefore has direct decision authority, has a genuine and confirmed need for your offering, and may be looking to go ahead with deal within a reasonable timeframe (within one to three months).

Client Appointment Setting Projects

An appointment setting campaign run for Talbott's Biomass Energy Systems

Talbott's Biomass Energy Systems

Appointment Setting

An appointment setting campaign that Inspired B2B Marketing ran for Hexegic Cyber Security

Appointment Setting

Hexegic - Cyber Security Consultancy

An appointment setting campaign that Inspired B2B Marketing ran for EssentialSkillz

Tailored LMS System

EssentialSkillz provides an eLearning platform with over 60 'SCORM' compliant, customisable training courses covering Health & Safety, Business Protection, Wellbeing and more.

They wanted to trial telemarketing as a way of generating qualified appointments for their business and came to us for a campaign targeting lead training decision-makers in a range of industries to set up a face-to-face appointment to demonstrate their LMS platform.

Appointment Setting


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