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Our team manage the entire lead generation process. Many of our clients want effective feedback from potential prospects on the performance of their sales staff. We track and manage appointments made on behalf of your company and can provide valuable information on how your sales staff are performing. Where issues are identified, our appointment setters are able to provide phone and field sales training to maximise future results. 

Setting, organising, and keeping appointments really can be the difference between making a great B2B sale, or losing it. Appointments, whether they be by telephone or email, are the basis for building and maintaining a great business to business relationship and engaging personally with prospects.
Through B2B appointment setting, businesses can keep generating quality leads who will actively participate with the business. Both parties can engage directly with one another and it allows consumers to ask pressing questions and allows the business to state their case clearly.

Appointment setting and lead generation in general can be a particularly demanding process for companies, with the proliferation of complex solutions and cross-departmental decision-making processes and budgets.​

All appointment setting is made with qualified companies and tracked for you in our own purpose built CRM.
Leads generated on behalf of our clients are qualified to ensure there is an immediate need for their product and services. Where interest is not immediate, the opportunity is tracked and reported for future action.

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Our company is 100% focused on increasing sales for your company and building your brand. We set face-to-face and phone appointments with key decision makers that are interested in your products and services. 

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Outsourcing lead generation allows fixed costs for budgeting, but importantly, can be performance based using set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This allows your company to maximise its returns on outsourced investment and your sales team solely focused on closing qualified opportunities, as opposed to prospecting.We are able to customise our systems and processes to manage the most complex of requirements. We can manage your entire incoming enquiry including email, phone, advertising response, and call to action requirements.

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