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Acquiring new customers is only half the battle, the other half is retaining them. Our customer support services allow you to effectively support your customer base through either inbound call handling or outbound customer outreach.

Team of customer support agents solving customer problems over the phone.

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Acquiring new customers cost 7x more on average than retaining existing ones! 

If your goal is to create strong, long-lasting business relationships with your customers, your efforts need to go far beyond the initial close of the sale. If you have invested heavily into your marketing and sales strategies to acquire your customers, shouldn't it be just as important to invest in your customer support services to keep them?

If the cost difference between acquiring and retaining customers isn't enough, take a look at the statistics below that show just how important timely customer service and satisfaction is...


of buyers say they have made additional purchases from companies after a positive customer service experience!


Just a 

increase in customer retention can result in an increase of profit between 25% to 95%!


of people around the world have stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service! 

Our Campaign Approach

Female customer service operator supporting a customer over the phone.


Tailored inbound telephone support that ensures your customer's queries and concerns are managed and dealt with in line with your organisational processes and policies.

A clock depicting rapid customer service response times.

Swift Response

With customer support, service response time is everything. We can provide on-phone support in a time frame that suits your processes and SLAs to ensure support promises are always delivered.

A business receiving customer feedback over the phone.


We can help to paint a clear picture of what your clients think about your products, services, and their overall experience with you by obtaining customer feedback.

Customer satisfcation and approval


Ensuring your customers are satisfied is vital for customer retention. We can help deal with complaints and queries to maximise and maintain customer satisfaction.

Team of three telemarketing agents working on a lead generation campaign

Multiple Trained

On every activity we run, we train at least 3 agents. One will be your main agent, the second is a backup to cover sickness/holiday leave, and the third is in case you feel the other two aren't the right fit!

Smart pricing structure for telemarketing lead generation campaigns.

Smart Pricing

Our daily rate covers absolutely everything including time on the phone, software costs and more. Everything is included in one price so there are no nasty surprises!

Client Customer Service Projects

A customer service campaign that Inspired B2B Marketing ran for a company that supplies power bank rental stations.

Customer Service

Portable Power Bank Stations

A customer service project that Inspired B2B Marketing ran for an online NHS pharmacy service.

Customer Service

Online NHS


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