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Telephone number appending is achieved by matching your name and address data against the BT OSIS database, the source of the telephone directory. This gives you access to over 27 million subscribers. The data is continually updated to give you peace of mind in its accuracy. All lines are checked to see that they are live before we append the number to your data.

Our UK Occupancy File contains almost 40m records and is built up of the Edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register, infill data and a wealth of other data sources. All records are cross-checked and verified so that each name and address we provide is as accurate as possible.

Complete and accurate addresses in your customer database helps ensure that your communication reaches the intended recipients and reduces waste. Our online PAF Cleansing service compares your address data against Royal Mail's PAF (Postcode Address File) and instantly updates records in your file

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Email validation services help our customers increase email marketing efficiency and comply with can spam legislation. Our comprehensive email validation services include:  syntax verification, DNS validation, disposable email address (DEA) detection, SMTP connection and availability checking, temporary unavailability detection, mailbox existence checking, Catch-All testing, and Greylisting detection.

Our data validation service which allow companies to capture and validate their customer data. The service includes validation, data profiling, Address checking and TPS services.
Ensure your lead details are valid at point of entry. Our solutions are highly accurate.

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Data Cleansing

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