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A common error is rushing into the call list, to get through as many prospects as possible. But what happens when you get through to the the right person, no decision maker is going to agree to an appointment just out of courtesy. They will however agree if they are convinced that the meeting is going to be beneficial for them, such as boost their productivity or solve a specific problem. Requesting for an appointment without a solid reason won’t work, their time is precious. It’s essential to research before you call.

As the market place has evolved, we have developed alongside it to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services covering lead generation, appointment setting, data supply and cleansing with a consultative approach that is revolutionising telemarketing as a serious route to market 

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Telemarketing has changed! Gone are the days when you just have someone cold calling a list of companies with a basic knowledge of what solutions you can provide.

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Take the time to research

You must be prepared to react to a request or objection by offering something of value. You may well have got their attention, but now it is important to listen to any possible barriers which the prospect may have and respond by providing something that can compel them to grant an audience. You can offer to help them research their issues, offer them some expert advice regarding their plans, or run a report on the latest industry trends. Give them the incentive to put that appointment in their diary.

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Adopting a rigid approach while requesting for an appointment is a sure way of inviting failure. Always go with the flow and empathise with the customer, even if things are not going according plan. If a physical meeting is too complicated then find-out if the customer prefers a video conferencing call instead. Even if you don’t get an encouraging response, try a different approach. You never know when a seemingly dead lead may turn into a goldmine if you don’t lose hope and think on your feet!

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Make voicemail count

During the process of getting through to the decision maker, it will be more than likely you will encounter the dreaded voicemail. Many callers ignore this as an opportunity and accept it as a barrier – not so. Take this opportunity to leave a meaningful concise message, having done the research beforehand will make this easier, It helps build up a positive profile by the prospect of you and the company before the conversation has even taken place.The same is true with messages left with assistants and colleagues.

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